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Sunyata Essential Oils

We Believe That Our Power to Create is Our Greatest Gift 

Curation | Content | Community

Curation: Natural products with your health and healing in mind.

Content: Inspiration for positive self esteem, creativity and well being. 

Community: Our give-back campaign will be announced later this year on our Instagram and newsletter.


Watch our Founder Ana diffuse Peppermint in the morning for Energy and Vitality:


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...provide powerful scents for home & body without synthetic chemicals

...create positive scent associations. These become part of your story and can comfort the soul in times of need

...diffusers are safer to use than candles or incense 

... are a luxurious treat that can be easily added into your daily routine

It's time to reconnect with nature

Śūnyatā | Emptiness; a therapeutic device we can use to see where and what we cling on to. This enlightened detachment allows space for personal growth. ("Shun-Yah-Tah")
Sun | Symbolizes the complete brightness of mind. 
At we've honored both these concepts in our pronunciation