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Ana Krish


I’m Ana, the creator of, a holistic platform for healing. helps stressed-out professionals and stressed-out millenials (like myself!) transform their reactive minds into creative minds.

As an artist, I consider personal development, biohacking and wellness the most essential mediums. Why? Because it is hard to create from a place of lack:

I often had a hard time starting or completing a project post-grad. The stress of “the real world” was lowering my productivity, impairing my judgment and making me less happy. After a period of reflection, I realized I needed more energy, inspiration and structure.

I spent years in search of relief: enriching my life through nutrition, bodywork and mindfulness practices. Now I’m on a mission to share this with my community in our own environment: a digital platform.

So let’s relax more, achieve more and dream more. You deserve to create the life you want: YOU ARE YOUR BEST WORK!