About Us

We believe in supporting the global community by supporting the "Self." We do this through the creation and promotion of our holistic beauty products and give-back model.
Ana Krish

Self-admittedly obsessed with bodies and nature, Ana decided to ‘hack’ self care to find a wellness formula that actually worked. Through her company Sunyata, she developed the holistic approach of products and process as an answer to this generation’s problem of stress and isolation. Not a stranger to those feelings herself, Ana’s committed to developing self care methodologies and natural products to empower and connect her community. Learn more about Ana and her COZy method by visiting the links below.

"Through this proprietary "products and process" formula I can now listen to my body and recognize my symptoms of stress. It's equal parts spirit and science! I now have clearer skin and more confidence to continue doing what I love - running Sunyata! I'm excited to share these secrets with you." - Ana