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Self Care Coaching : COZy 101


Applications open October 1st. Check back soon or contact us with any questions.

When was the last time you intentionally practiced self care? No really, think about it. And if it wasn’t today, why not? 

Did you skip a self care ritual because you‘re

  • busy?
  • stressed?
  • overwhelmed?
  • confused on whether a mocha latte and sleeping in till 2pm is self care?

No judgement, we’ve been there and we’re here to keep it real.

Book some time with Ana for a Clarity call. We'll chat and share if our COZy method (Comfort, Outlook, Zest) is right for you. 

If so, we will enroll you in our inaugural COZy 101 four week program. This empowering, individualized program includes custom roadmaps and videos to get you glowing from the inside out. By the end of four weeks, you'll be able to tap into the serene sense of calmness or beaming confidence you have within you.

This special price will only be available for the first five members.

Self Care Coaching : COZy 101

Self Care Coaching : COZy 101