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The power of music...

by Ana Krish |

We face a lot of noise on a daily basis. Putting time aside to curate a music library or playlist will empower you by introducing an element of control into your life. 

Leave 10+ minutes for music today!

Choose your approach.

Randomize: Try listening to a radio station like Pandora or letting YouTube run. Randomness in music has been linked to increases in dopamine. That may be just what you need if you are seeking an enhanced listening experience or mood shift.

Tried and True: Create a go-to playlist. These playlists will reflect your identity and help you to get to know yourself more. Playlists are also excellent for studying, meditating and working out. 

Chance to Win Sunyata Oils: Tag a pic of what you are listening to #selfiswealth

Bonus: Ana (Founder) shares her current favorites for relaxation: 


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