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Hey you, go outside.

by Ana Krish |

Light has a huge influence on your circadian system (that thing that helps set sleep patterns and hormone levels!) Unfortunately you only get a fraction of the light you need while indoors. This can result in stress build up and trouble sleeping when night rolls around. We recommend that you spend 10+ minutes within the first half of your day outdoors in natural light. 

Added benefits of spending time outdoors: 

  • Research has shown that the color green makes exercise feel easier. Don't take your local greenbelts for granted! (Ref: University of Essex)
  • Spending time outside can enhance your creative thinking (Ref: Journal of Experimental Psychology)
  • It's true, the scent of rain, jasmine, rose and other botanicals have been shown to reduce anxiety. 

Choose your approach.

Go Outside: Anywhere that is safe (...and where you can comfortably spend a few minutes.) This would include a hike, a tropical vacation, front porch, or park.

Raincheck: Disruptive weather? Experience the power of visualization by creating a mood board or Pinterest page filled with gardens and natural parks. BONUS: diffuse your favorite essential oils. You'll experience the olfactory sensation and aromatherapeutic benefits from the comfort of your home. 

Insta Tag a photo of a dream destination of yours with @sunyata.io for a chance to win essential oils!

Note: Stay hydrated while spending time outdoors.

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